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The Mishaps of Traveling

Have you ever embarked on a journey filled with mishaps and unexpected twists? Prepare to be entertained and enlightened as you delve into “The Mishaps of Traveling,” a collection of humorous and true tales that will make you rethink the notion of the perfect vacation. With a knack for storytelling and a passion for travel, […]

In the whimsical world of Robert “robear” Isenberg’s latest book, “Why Men Are Suspicious of Yoga,” laughter reigns supreme. Delving into the absurdities of life with a blend of humor and poignancy, Isenberg crafts a collection that is as entertaining as it is thought provoking. Robert “robear” Isenberg, known for his knack for storytelling and […]

Step into the vibrant world of 1960s New York City with Robert Isenberg’s ‘Wham Bam!: NYC in the Roaring Sixties.’ Brace yourself for a captivating journey through a tumultuous era filled with laughter, love, and the revolutionary spirit of the times. Robert Isenberg, a seasoned raconteur and master of wit, transports readers back to the […]

In the face of a devastating diagnosis, Chris Benyo’s journey with his wife Denise through the complexities of ALS is a testament to the enduring power of love and faith, offering a story that will inspire and move readers to their core. Chris Benyo, the author of “All In Living not Dying with ALS,” offers […]

Embark on a profound journey of maternal wisdom and unwavering faith as Anne Hotchkis, amidst the shadows of divorce and bipolar disorder, pens heartfelt letters to her sons, offering profound insights born from resilience and spiritual guidance. With a rich educational background, including a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.) in Biology, a Bachelor of Education […]

The Ninth Passage

Dale O. Cloninger, the author of “The Ninth Passage,” presents a compelling narrative through his storytelling prowess. His ability to craft a gripping and realistic tale speaks volumes about his skill as a writer. Enter the world of Alec Driver, a WWII veteran turned choir teacher in a small Florida town. His journey from war […]

The Old Corsair

In his latest novel, “The Old Corsair,” Michael DeStefano showcases his expertise as a retired Air Force veteran and accomplished composer, delving into the realm of political thriller with finesse. Building upon his previous literary successes, including winning the Windsor Historical Society’s 3rd Annual Significant Objects Writing Contest and earning the Independent Press Award for […]

Winning the Battle Before You

There exists a battle looming before the promises, demanding our resolve to engage in warfare and reclaim what has been assured to us. Dr. Obi O. Edward, the author of “Winning the Battle Before You,” is a prominent figure in spiritual leadership and guidance. A former missionary pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Greensboro, and a […]

Béatrice Walsh’s ‘Finding the Point of Equilibrium: Schizo-Affective Disorder and Wellbeing, Living the Paradox’ is an evocative memoir that embarks on a profound exploration of mental health and resilience. Walsh fearlessly shares her journey through the intricate complexities of schizo-affective disorder, weaving a narrative of self-discovery and ultimate healing. This compelling odyssey traverses themes of […]

Choose Bliss

“Choose Bliss: The Power and Practice of Joy and Contentment” by Moneeka Sawyer offers readers an ultimate guide to building authentic happiness. The book opens with a compelling invitation, posing four questions that resonate with anyone seeking a more joyful and fulfilling life. Sawyer asserts that happiness is a choice and endeavors to guide readers […]

Stained Glass

“Plenty of people who are in prayer groups at church have secretly watched and enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey. However, they don’t feel that they can share that about themselves at church or in those groups. So they don’t share. And that they don’t feel that they can share that part of themselves is a […]

Ghost Lips from the Trickster

Dennis Boisvert’s “Ghost Lips from the Trickster” presents a unique blend of historical fiction, fantasy, and mysticism, introducing readers to a world where the lines between reality and the supernatural blur. The narrative follows Sergeant Victor Peters, who, after a daring escape from Rebel soldiers, stumbles upon a mysterious world controlled by the enigmatic runaway-slave […]

Stories of Survival

In Andrew Spriggs’ compelling book, “Stories of Survival,” readers are invited into a world where fictional characters triumph over mental ill-health, showcasing the unwavering strength of the human spirit. This remarkable collection serves as a beacon of hope and reassurance, illuminating the path forward for those grappling with the seemingly insurmountable challenges of mental health […]

In a world where the adage “If you give a man a fish, you will feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you will feed him for a lifetime” resonates profoundly, Donna Chlopak’s book, “Learning to Fish in the Twenty-First Century,” emerges as a transformative guide for navigating the complex […]

Embark on an extraordinary journey of love, adventure, and discovery with Agatha and Frank in their captivating tale, chronicled in the heartwarming book, “Living the Dream.” From their humble beginnings as Army sweethearts to the realization of their dream of traveling across the USA in an RV, this book encapsulates the essence of a life […]

Clays Endless Dream

George Mills, a seasoned author with three previous works under his belt, including “As the Journey Begins” and “The Footprints of an American Soldier,” takes readers on a captivating journey in his latest novel, “Clay’s Endless Dream.” Hailing from a small town nestled between national parks in the southeastern region, Mills brings a wealth of […]

Plausible Liars 

Lin Wilder, known for her expertise in non-fiction, has ventured into the world of fiction with her fifth installment in the Lindsey McCall medical mystery series, “Plausible Liars.” Delve into Wilder’s innovative narrative, which intricately navigates into the complexities of transgender politics and courtroom drama, offering readers a unique perspective on these themes. Wilder’s transition […]

Caldecott Activity Book

Simple and interesting workbook to educate children in Art, Writing, Science, and Math activities.This book encourages kids to learn more. Claudia Krause, with nearly two decades of teaching experience and a book published by Simon Schuster, holds degrees in Psychology and Education from California State University and Redlands University. Caldecott Activity Book features a delightful […]

Causten E Meaux Sr is an accomplished author who leverages his life experiences and abundant wisdom to empower people worldwide to lead fulfilling and healthy lives through his insightful and accessible book, “SPOKEN: Meditation from the Heart.” Causten Meaux Sr. eloquently conveys a profound message of humility, self-awareness, and spiritual connection. He invites readers to […]

The Blue Scarab

James Quinn, a renowned author known for his historical fiction works, has once again captivated readers with his latest masterpiece, “The Blue Scarab.” With a knack for weaving intricate tales that span across time and history, Quinn’s previous novels have garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan following. Imagine embarking on an enthralling journey through […]

Jennie Wang’s remarkable academic journey, including a Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo and teaching at prestigious institutions like Harvard University, showcases her as a formidable writer and educator. With several published books to her name, including “The Iron Curtain of Language” and “Novelistic Love in the Platonic Tradition,” her literary […]

This beautifully crafted picture book not only captivates with its artwork but also imparts the invaluable lesson of self-acceptance and the adventure of embracing a new language. Diana Alvarez, the creative mind behind “Ricky the Chickee Sings for the King,” has penned a touching children’s book that blends themes of bravery and camaraderie. Published in […]

O.G. Diaz, the mastermind behind “Chasing Tomorrow’s Nightmares”, isn’t just an ordinary author; his life story adds depth to his work. Born in Honduras and immigrating to Louisiana in 1958, Diaz’s journey is marked by resilience and varied experiences. A Louisiana State University graduate, a Vietnam combat veteran, and a retired State tax administrator, Diaz’s […]


Author Tenacity, in the autobiography “TWSC,” candidly reflects on his early life, acknowledging mistakes while emphasizing unwavering determination. The book explores his diverse experiences spanning childhood, education, relationships, incarcerations, drug exploration, and Vietnam military service. Humor emerges as his survival tool, guiding his journey through family, divorce, wars, and lasting love across four decades. “TWSC” […]

“Dollygal Peacock and the Serpent: Conquering Ego … The Return to the Extraordinary” by Darlene Cannon. This book is universal and attracts readers of all ages. Children and adults are somehow drawn into the oneness of the message it offers. This imaginative tale delves into the profound theme of love as an influential and creative […]

“Because God has given us a spirit of love and not one of fear, we can choose to either fear everything and run or face everything and rise. Let love lead” –  Healing. “Journey to Consciousness: Affirmations of Healing” is a captivating collection of poetry and affirmations penned by the talented author, Healing. This profound […]

A Bitter Wind

A fascinating story with interesting characters set in a unique world! Anita Merrick is a Mystical Author and a 3rd generation psychic. She lives in Erin, NY with her husband and three dogs. She also works as Crystal Wind, a Psychic Intuitive, Tarot Reader, Medium, and ordained priestess. She has a Tarot Master certification and […]

The Three Souls

The element of fiction of The Three Souls by Bill Thomas that I found captivating are the unpredictable twists and turns, unknown dangers, the amount of history and fantasy combined, intriguing concepts, and well-drawn characters. When you think you have reached the end, Bill introduces unexpected and surprising plot twists that excited me page after […]

These Thy Gifts

While historical wrongs committed by the “European Churches” may be forgiven as they fade into the annals of time, it was disheartening history. Panettiere courageously delves beyond the sacraments, the physical structures, and the impenetrable walls of the established Catholic Church. These Thy Gifts is an authentic novel that depicts unforeseen problems, emerging continuously without […]

 “Schizophrenia is different from most mental illnesses in this way. Consider that all other illnesses are like tearing a piece of paper into bits and pieces and throwing it down on the ground. Now take the pieces and glue/tape them back together. You can make the paper whole again. Now imagine taking a glass jar, […]

You wouldn’t believe that a seal pup and an orca would become friends, but in this book they have. “Zealy’s New Blessings” is a wonderful book filled with valuable lessons suitable for youngsters ages 2 to 8. It’s never too early to teach kids the value of friendship. Roe De Pinto, a talented author known […]

“In the Matter of Edwin Potter” (IMOEP) becomes a page-turner that is both heart-thumping and engrossing as it explores the unsettling truth of schizophrenia and the urgent need for an open dialogue regarding mental illness in today’s society. Based on the author’s personal experience, this book inspires, transforms, and educates anyone who comes across it. […]

“A New Economic System: Guide To Debt Elimination And Wealth Creation” could potentially be regarded as one of the most influential books ever written, tackling the perpetual issue of worldwide poverty. It surpasses the realm of a mere overview, as Yusef presents pragmatic and distinctive strategies to navigate through economic downturns. Yusef Rashid DeLaine, the […]

From Africa With Love

Abdalla Ndao’s journey from the small village of Casamance, Senegal to film school at NYU is a testament to the power of cinema to inspire and shape lives. The movies shown by the missionaries in his hometown sparked a passion in Abdalla that led him to pursue a career in filmmaking. Now, as he works […]

The people on Earth have become self-reliant and have stopped asking God for His gifts and blessings. All the fairies in heaven have come together to help restore humanity. God was very pleased with them, thus the journey of building The Warehouse began. In The Warehouse, we are shown that everyone has received something from […]

The Hybrid Evolution

“The Hybrid Evolution” is a fascinating science fiction novel set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity struggles to survive after a devastating natural disaster. The arrival of alien beings who are seeking intelligent partners adds a new dynamic to the story, but unfortunately, their presence is met with hostility by the remaining human population. It’s […]

A sci-fi action thriller about a woman who became the recipient of a highly advanced and sentient DNA computer, Adama, that possesses limitless memory storage, and advanced unique skills and abilities. If you could go back, and wipe your memory of a book you just read to relive the excitement and thrill of reading it […]

A More Perfect Union

A More Perfect Union becomes a page-turner that is both heart-thumping and engrossing as it looks into the context of terrorism and when a person is pushed to their limits. With eloquent prose that brings to life realistic and hard-to-put-down characters and plots, this book is definitely something that you would want to take your […]

As the Journey Begins

Spiritual and romantic, each line succeeds beautifully with the other and becomes an unforgettable page-turner, taking one into the journey with George Mills on this ole rugged road called life. In this book, George numbers his journey from day one and on-wards, and each day is a discovery and adventure. In this book, the writer […]

Broad-ranging with practical, down-to-earth insights that bring a powerful message that is more relevant than ever before. You will always look at success differently after reading this book.  It is a tense, tautly written, descriptive, electrifying, and formidable book that is unique. I read this work like someone thirsting for water after days in the […]

A baby elephant’s curiosity and unlucky adventure made her make new friends, a winsome and heart-warming story. Tambo is a curious and spirited baby elephant. She joyfully followed the butterflies through the jungle and wandered too far from the rest of the elephants. She stepped on a fallen branch and fell into a poacher’s trap […]

Tambo: A Lion Adventure

This story has two great lessons: One. Friends – they teach you that you are not alone; Two. Kindness to animals is a start of a great adventure Tambo: A Lion Adventure is a story of a rescued elephant who is returning the favor by saving four kids from a lion’s attack. It’s a simple […]


Be inspired, and empowered by this unique book that brings a message of humanity out into the world. When their little town is slowly being taken away by greedy businessmen and selfish politicians, Jaycee must do something to save the town of Serenity from peril. Her story gives us a glimpse of what the world […]

This story teaches the importance of loving oneself and resiliency with a message that we’re all just mutts after all. Busco is a mixed-colored mutt, typically a dog that is not purebred which connotes a negative meaning. A storm passed and he got lost, leaving him fragile and wandering the countryside. He began to pity […]

The Conscript

Taking a life is never easy, but now it’s up close and personal, forcing the legendary Tom Pearson to look at his morals and ask himself if he had to continue to be a double agent just to survive. All was because of his love for this female lecturer who recruited him as a Russian […]

Spiritual, transformational, thought provoking, and inspirational book will help to transform the hearts and minds of young people through the author’s insights and experiences of honorably serving in the Unites States Army. Dee Bryant starts out by saying that enlisting in the Army was never a part of her plan after following high school, but […]

Dreaming of Love

As deep and meaningful as Love itself, is there any greater way to express love in literature as in poetry? “Dreaming of Love”, the latest collection of poetry by Gil Saenz, is a mesmerizing journey into the depths of human emotion and the boundless power of love. The book has a total of 65 short […]

Brimming with spiritual truths and the author’s wild imagination, Reluctant Queen is a book that is engaging and beautiful as the one from the scripture. When a decree becomes enforceable and the news is spread across the kingdom to everyman to kill and destroy all Jews, there rises from the tumult a brave orphan woman […]

Letters Out of Time

Poetry is powerful because it’s free; free from the constructs and constraints of prose. It permits those wielding it to explore anything and go anywhere, without restriction. In this book, the writer uses poetry for manifold purposes from the beauty of life, history, politics, freedom, death, war, destiny, and more. Anne Logue mostly uses free […]

Curtis Woods reveals that Republican Politicians, Preachers and Press are causing Moral, Legal and U.S. Constitutional Crises in Politics, Religion, News Media and Economics. Republican politicians use Unconstitutional Gerrymandering of House of Representative and Electoral College Districts and State Tactics such as Election Poll watchers armed with AR-15 Assault Rifles and State Laws to Intimidate, […]

Global Political Leadership and the Public: An Essential Guide To Learn the Necessary Skills and Mindset may be one of the most significant books produced in the last couple of decades that addresses political leadership issues. This book is a ground-breaking work that pushes out the countries’ frontiers of leadership understanding on the subject of […]

Be Part of the Past as Mary Lou Darst Recollects Her Childhood in this Touching and Inspirational Memoir. War Ready: In My Father’s Shadow by Mary Lou Darst offers readers a chance to see the aftermath of war through the eyes of a young girl. The memoir takes us back in time to a world […]

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