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Ricky the Chickee Sings for the King

This beautifully crafted picture book not only captivates with its artwork but also imparts the invaluable lesson of self-acceptance and the adventure of embracing a new language.

Diana Alvarez, the creative mind behind “Ricky the Chickee Sings for the King,” has penned a touching children’s book that blends themes of bravery and camaraderie. Published in 2023, Diana Alvarez showcases her storytelling prowess by crafting a memorable tale that resonates with readers of all ages.

At the heart of this enchanting story lies Ricky the Chickee, a lovable character with dreams that surpass his limitations. Will Ricky, a rooster who struggles with stuttering and rooster tunes, overcome his challenges to carry on his family’s tradition of awakening the King of Hawaii?

“Ricky the Chickee Sings for the King” follows Ricky’s journey, a rooster with aspirations of serenading the King of Hawaii. Amidst his obstacles, Ricky embarks on an adventure that not only fulfills his dreams but also unravels the true meaning of friendship, bravery, and persistence. The narrative gently imparts valuable life lessons to young readers, addressing themes like conquering adversity, battling bullying, and the significance of lending a helping hand.

Diana Alvarez’s “Ricky the Chickee Sings for the King” is a heartening children’s book that beautifully captures courage and companionship. Young readers will be captivated by Ricky’s determination to conquer his fears and pursue his aspirations, while also imbibing important values like empathy and unity. With its vibrant illustrations and engaging storyline, this book is a must-read for children and parents, providing an enriching platform for shared exploration and discussions on essential life lessons.

Immerse yourself in the story with vivid illustrations and some simple authentic Hawaiian language, truly connecting you to the culture. Get your copy now!

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Author: Diana Alvarez

Page Count: 32

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reviewer: Jacob Miller

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