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Welcome to an insightful journey into the depths of the human experience with Béatrice Walsh, author of “Finding the Point of Equilibrium: Schizo-Affective Disorder and Wellbeing, Living the Paradox.” In the forthcoming interview, we delve into the profound insights shared by Béatrice as she navigates the complexities of mental illness and the quest for healing. […]

Today, we have the privilege of delving deep into the captivating narrative woven by Fiona Citkin, the brilliant author behind “How They Made It in America.” In this poignant exploration of immigrant triumphs, Fiona Citkin unveils the timeless tales of resilience, perseverance, and success. Through meticulous research and heartfelt storytelling, Citkin, herself an immigrant from […]

In “Conquering Ego: The Return to the Extraordinary,” Darlene Cannon, a writer known for transcending conventional storytelling, weaves a spiritually charged narrative. The novel, concluding a trilogy that began with “Dollygal Peacock and the Serpent: The Gift” and continued with “The Awakening,” explores Dollygal’s transformative journey after the loss of her parents. Cannon delves into […]

A fascinating look into what living with someone who has a severe mental illness looks like. It’s intriguing to read how the innocent life of a child, getting tormented and crushed by the actions brought out by her mom due to these so-called demon voices in her mom’s mind.  Tina Harmon holds a master’s degree in education. She works […]

I am confident that there are those who will not agree that “95% of people on Earth are facing significant challenges and hardship due to poverty because of the pyramidal structure of the capitalist financial system, which operates on a “divide and conquer” principle”, nor agree with the author and me. Still, it’s a quick […]

The Hybrid Evolution

Perilous times have come to New York and the Earth as a whole. Mankind must rely on the arrival of extraterrestrials known as ET Hybrids from another galaxy to save Earth from extinction. In this fast-paced sci-fi novel, you’ll be transported to a world that’s fresh from the author’s wild imagination that will have you […]

In this premiere interview with the author lies a meaningful and honest discussion of issues beyond the book’s pages. How did you begin on the journey of writing a Christian historical fiction novel? I felt like I was spinning my wheels trying to interest people in my children’s books. Add that disappointment with an idea […]

I’m still dipping my toes into the broad-ranging and expansive content, finding what interests me and what doesn’t. This book will stir up some exciting insights about the definition of success and how one can succeed without stress. With Dr. Jose Baltazar’s “Seven Lifestyle Shifts to Live the Life We are Designed to Live,” this […]

Written by one of the most prolific authors in the United States, A More Perfect Union is written in a mesmerizing style that keeps the readers’ eyes glued to the pages and their souls bonded to the characters. After retiring from his forty years of traveling for the U.S. government, and becoming a NAVY SEAL […]

Born in Jones County, Mississippi, George Mills grew up in a small community called Mulberry. He was surrounded by family and friends with strong values, belief in God, and dedication to hard work. The saying went, “if you did not work, you did not eat” – it was just that simple. George credits his family […]

An exciting and engaging picture book for kids that’s less than a hundred pages and filled with valuable lessons to learn. Melanie Kordsmeier, a mother of 3 and a retired teacher, is a passionate writer who imparts truth in the most fun and exciting ways. Tambo: and Her Curious Adventure follows the story of a […]

Melanie Kordsmeier is a mother of 3 and a retired teacher who has a passion for writing children’s books that bring every page to life. Her books are visually stimulating and educational, reflecting values pertinent to a child’s personal growth. Her books are known for their magical way of using simple English for the children […]

Gender inequality is a deeply rooted issue that has been prevalent in all corners of the world since the beginning. People are being treated as second-class citizens based on nothing but the sex they were born with, and no one is even batting an eye. The author was able to deliver a thought-provoking yet light-hearted […]

An exciting picture book for kids that’s less than 100 pages and filled with life lessons. Robert Kowalski is a Published Author. Minnesota Real Estate Licensed Broker, and his premiere novel, Jaycee: A Heroine’s Journey, has drawn attention worldwide. 1. What is the book about? Busco tells the story of a shelter dog who gets […]

Letters Out of Time is a large, expansive work of art that is both gorgeous and thought-provoking in scope. It is backdropped in diversified themes such as life, death, hope, love, politics, and more in the changing and evolving times. Anne Hunter Logue is an American author who wrote “The Story of the Sun, I […]

Reluctant Queen is a nail-biting novel derived from a biblical and historical account that tells a story of an orphan girl who managed to save the Jewish nation from extinction. Esther was chosen, and so were her people. Lin Wilder has a doctorate in Public Health from the UT at Houston. She began writing fiction […]

If you could go back, and wipe your memory of a book just to relive the excitement and thrill of reading it for the first time, this book would be it. This is not a mere survey; David Geiger offers unique research and solutions to mental illnesses like schizophrenia. David Geiger is a native of […]

Brace yourself for a thought-provoking, tautly written, and formidable book that will stir up your mind with amazing facts about the rampant moral crisis in our society today. Curtis Alan Woods sheds light on how moral politicians, religious leaders, news media, and economists have followed the One Percent Devils and Their Satanic Tools to slowly […]

Democracy is dying, what can you do as a contributing member of society? What is Global Leadership? The idea of an Independent Global Leadership Organization (IGLO) has been one of the highlights of this book for its practicality and necessity. For Salar Khan, anything is possible if you are dedicated to achieving your goals. His […]

Devastated, and doomed but not forsaken. Get ready to be emotional for this book is going to stir up your emotions away as this young girl recovers from her trauma. If only you could go back, and wipe your memory of a book just to relive a frisson of excitement of reading it for the […]

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