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“Embracing Love and Faith: An Intimate Interview with Author George Mills”

Born in Jones County, Mississippi, George Mills grew up in a small community called Mulberry. He was surrounded by family and friends with strong values, belief in God, and dedication to hard work. The saying went, “if you did not work, you did not eat” – it was just that simple. George credits his family and friends for these values, which have become an integral part of his life and shaped who he is today. He grew up with two older brothers, two younger brothers, and two younger sisters.

George’s first year of school was at Glade Elementary in Jones County, where his family lived at the time. They later moved back to Mulberry, and he continued his education at Clara High School. The teachers there had a profound influence on his life. After graduation, George began his adult career working as a flunky in a sawmill, performing menial tasks. Eventually, he worked his way up to become a lumber grader. However, not making much money in those roles, he decided to join his hometown’s National Guard. He spent the rest of his adult life working as a surface mechanic before retiring from the military.

George married a beautiful young lady from his hometown of Waynesboro, and they were together for twenty-five years. They raised two wonderful children together before going through a divorce. About two years after their divorce, George decided to try writing to occupy some of his spare time outside of riding his motorcycle, which he enjoys. As a young boy, he had always loved writing poems for his mother. Little did he know that his love for writing poems for her would eventually lead him to become an author.

George’s writing journey resulted in three books and one screenplay, which has a theme song called “Wildflower.” The three books are as follows: “As The Journey Begins,” copyrighted in 2018, and its sequel, “Looking Forward As The Journey Continues,” followed by “The Footprints of an American Soldier.” All three books were published by Christian Faith Publishing, except for the screenplay and song, which were published by Goldman Agency and copyrighted in 2022.

In this exclusive interview with author George Mills, we delve into his journey, experiences, and inspirations behind his spiritual and romantic novel. With a unique blend of themes, Mills discusses how his personal beliefs and biblical knowledge have influenced the narrative and the messages he hopes readers will take away from the story.

Could you share with us about your journey in the book and how it came to be?

I have always loved writing short poems for my mother as a young boy in high school. When I became single, I felt unnatural. I began searching for a new soulmate with criteria that met God’s law in keeping His commandment of Holy Matrimony. That’s when I turned to write about a man on a quest in search of his beloved soulmate, whom he knew God had created.

What is the central message of the book, and how does it reflect your personal beliefs and experiences?

My personal beliefs are that Jesus Christ died and rose on the 3rd day to save us from our damnation of hell because we are sinners by the birth of flesh. I based this core message on my criteria for finding a true soulmate.

How did you manage to balance the spiritual and romantic themes in the book, keeping them coherent throughout the story?

As a man who reads his Bible, I can tell you that anyone who has read the Song of Solomon and understands how it was written will recognize that a person born as a man will desire a person born as a woman because that is the way God has created us. Using the almighty Word of God as an example, achieving this balance comes naturally to my way of thinking.

What inspired you to write about your quest to find a noble and virtuous woman who honors God first, and what message do you hope readers take away from it?

As I mentioned, I am a God-fearing man who believes that I should be partners with a God-fearing woman. As for the takeaway for readers, I hope they will read God’s words more and apply them in their everyday walk in life, especially before entering into holy matrimony.

Could you describe some of the unexpected twists and turns you encountered on your journey and how they affected you and the story?

“Hmm,” life. Life is about happiness, right? My life is not perfect by any means, which is why I personally need Jesus as my guide in every way. Anyone who has a full life without a few twists and turns has never lived as God intended. Each event leaves a lesson learned, and every lesson has some kind of impact that will change a person’s outlook on the way they perceive life and how they live or respond to something they heard or read.

How did the various settings you visited, from land to sea, influence the mood and tone of the book, and what did they add to the story?

On land, the stability of the earth allows our feet a firm anchor. On water, we have an anchor, although it’s not as solid. As I’ve mentioned, life is like this. Life always changes, and it’s all in how one handles those changes. Envision oneself as a vessel on the water, as opposed to being on land; the waves change as they come in and go out. As for land, we have hills and valleys that change the way one moves. Our mood and emotions change with each situation we face in that manner.

What makes this book relevant and relatable to young adults and teens, and why do you think they would enjoy reading it?

Life. We each experience life, right? The younger we are, the more we’re influenced by what we read, such as the newspaper or what is reported in the news over the airwaves. Whether we admit it or not, as youth, we’re always looking for guidance. This book offers a simple guide. I offer a “line in the sand” for anyone willing to acknowledge this and use this “line” as a measuring tool. Either go with this simple “line” or against it. I hope that anyone who has read this book will somehow relate it to their life. I had one person who had read it, who replied, “After reading your book, I saw my own life play out before my eyes.”

How does the theme of letting go and accepting change play out in the book, and what lessons do you hope readers learn from it?

Let me try to answer this in this manner: “Letting go and accepting change.” Does a person want to remain in their past and not accept changes, or move forward and live life? Each person born has choices. I’m offering to expose my heart and choices for someone who is interested in accepting life changes as we are allowed to face them as they come.

How did you use language and description to bring the characters and settings to life, and what techniques did you use to engage readers?

The language reflects that of a man born in a simple, small town who has been given the opportunity to learn core values. Although the language is simple, it is powerful. Within the language, there are examples of humor. As situations unfold, the humor might not be immediately apparent. Through the reader’s eyes, the humor combined with core values serves to highlight Jesus Christ as my salvation, in whom I put my faith.

What sets this book apart from other spiritual or romantic novels, and why would you recommend it to readers looking for an unforgettable page-turner?

This book aims to offer the reader a glimpse of true love. I strive to convey that “hopping from bed to bed” is not true love. I endeavor to share core beliefs that God created our emotions for love as a perfect love. I attempt to provide a breath of fresh air, free from the “wallowing” in sin while searching for true love.

In conclusion, this book offers a unique blend of spiritual and romantic themes, grounded in strong core values and faith. It presents a thought-provoking exploration of true love and the importance of living a life guided by spiritual principles. Readers searching for an unforgettable page-turner that delves into the complexities of love, faith, and personal growth will undoubtedly find this book a refreshing and enlightening read.

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