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Melanie Kordsmeier : Tambo: and her Curious Adventure | London Book Interview

An exciting and engaging picture book for kids that’s less than a hundred pages and filled with valuable lessons to learn.

Melanie Kordsmeier, a mother of 3 and a retired teacher, is a passionate writer who imparts truth in the most fun and exciting ways.

Tambo: and Her Curious Adventure follows the story of a baby elephant who got lost in the jungle, trapped on a poacher’s net but was saved by two brave village children.

Stay tuned to what Melanie Kordsmeier has to say about her book in this exclusive interview.

1. What is the moral of the story?

The moral of the story is kindness and respect for life.

2. What should people expect from your book?

People expect an engaging story that teaches how to care for all life and that anyone can make a difference.

3. How does curiosity fit into the story?

All children whether humans or animals are curious. That is how they learn.

4. How do you define friendship in relation to the story’s plot?

Friendship is helping those in need no matter how hard it is.

5. Why should we need to learn how to show kindness to animals?

They are part of God’s creation too.

6. Do you think that the government should impose higher punishments for poaching?

My answer is yes. I think that the government should impose higher punishments for poaching.

7. As contributing members of society, what can one do to prevent poaching?

We should not buy souvenirs or anything made from animal parts.

8. Can you share a glimpse of Tambo’s next adventure?

There is a natural predator and Tambo is the savior.

9. How do you handle negative reviews?

I try to ignore them as I realize there are some who will find fault with anything.

10. What’s the most important element of writing when writing picture books?

The most important element of writing when writing picture books istruth”. Children can be told the truth in gentle fun ways.

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