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Curtis Alan Woods: One Percent Devils and Their Satanic Tools | London Book Interview

Brace yourself for a thought-provoking, tautly written, and formidable book that will stir up your mind with amazing facts about the rampant moral crisis in our society today. Curtis Alan Woods sheds light on how moral politicians, religious leaders, news media, and economists have followed the One Percent Devils and Their Satanic Tools to slowly eliminate freedom.

Curtis Alan Woods, the author, is neither a republican nor a democrat. He considers himself a history, political, law, and religion buff. He evolved into an independent, progressive, liberal, existential libertarian, egalitarian, legalistic Judeo-Christian patriot. His philosophy and ideology are well crafted in his book One Percent Devils and Their Satanic Tools.

1. Was there a moment in your life wherein your ideas and beliefs were also challenged?

Mr. Woods says…That question presumes someone has challenged what he says but 100 Book Reviewers were unable to do so. Some said “When I was about to question or criticize something Mr. Woods said, he answered my question or logically, convincingly and knowledgeably refuted my criticism supported by citations to expert publications.

However, Mr. Woods says “Yes! During two periods in his life:

A. “After I researched, wrote and presented Standards and Goals for Crime Prevention, Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Defense, Courts, Corrections and Victim Assistance to New Jersey’s Governor’s Committee on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals, received Mucho Challenges from Criminal Justice members of the Committee;

1) But within 2 years 90% of my recommendations were implemented;

2) But if employees of New Jersey and all other State Criminal Justice Systems had not sabotaged implementation of Standards and Goals, there would not still be racial, religious and gender bias, prejudice, injustice and inequality in every States Criminal Justice Systems; and

a) Caucasian Police Officers would not still be getting away with murdering innocent unarmed Afro and Latin Americans; and

b) Law Enforcement Agencies would not still be turning Peaceful Protest Marches, like “Black Lives Matter” into Chaos & Violence; b. “As an Accident Defense Attorney:

B. “As an Accident Defense Attorney:

1) I faced Institutionalized Fraudulent Injury Claims by plaintiffs, their attorneys and Medical Experts;

2) Aided and abetted by Judges because Plaintiff Bar Associations controlled who became and remained Judges;

3) Like other Defense Attorneys. I aggressively used Investigators and Subpoena but I used something no other Accident Defense Attorneys in U.S. did;

4) I cross examined Plaintiff’s Medical Experts with their own Medical Books and Medical Journal Research Studies to show Plaintiff’s Medical Experts did not have a Scientific Basis for Injury Causation Opinions;

5) So, I was able to Defeat 75% of my cases involving 35 kinds of Orthopedic, Neurological and Neuro-Psychological Injury Cases. The other 25% were settled because Plaintiffs had real injury claims;

6) Plaintiff Attorneys, Medical Experts and Judges gave me the following Nicknames: Doc or Doctor Woods, The Human Lie detector, Mr. Subpoena, Mr. Surveillance and Mr. Handwriting Expert; and

7) If I ever finish working on “One Percent Devils & their Satanic Tools,” I will finish writing “Tortious Lies, Medical Myths, Legal Fictions and

Junk Science” based upon my 7 Articles on How to Defeat Fraudulent Injury Claims published in “For the Defense” by the Defense Research Institute.

2. When did you first realize that you need to write this book?

“In 2015 after Donald Trump started to campaign to be President for two reasons:

a. On his TV Show “The Apprentice” he violated every Principle of Modern Management; and

b. When I was waiting a long time to be assigned out to a Judge for Trials in Atlantic City:

1) I sat in Court Rooms watching Trials where Donald Trump was a Defendant;

2) When there was a Recess of trials, in the halls I talked with Plaintiffs and members of Trumps entourage; and

3) Realized Trump violated 15 Commandments of God and 10 Principles of Christ.”

However, since Trump’s January 6, 2021 attempted Coup D’état Insurrection, I have been updating the book with facts about his 4 years in office and all the investigations of Trump since then. I will be ready to republish my book by April 2023.

3. How long did it take to write this book?

Two years before Trump won 2016 Election and by April 2023, another year and a half.

4. What does the Title mean?

Devils and Satins destroy what God Created. “One Percent Devils” are the Rich 1% Ruling Class “and their Satanic Tools” are Republican Politicians, Preachers and Press.

5. What inspired you to write this book?

The need to save Democracy, Moral Capitalism and Rule of Law for my Descendants and All Americans.

6. How do you use Social-Media as an author?

I don’t. Some people have said I am a Genius in Law, Medical Science, History etc. and Book Reviewers have called me a Genius but when it comes to computers and internet, am as dumb as a doorknob. If press the wrong key or Social Media emails put a virus in my computer, it can take hours or days to fix computer problems.

7. How much research did you need to do?

10 to 15 hours per day, 6 to 7 days per week to research, write and edit for two years before my book was published in 2016 and it will be another year and a half by April 2023 to update and republish my book.

8. What was the hardest topic/subject to write about?

St. Thomas Aquinas wrote “Theory of Law” in a Code that only 5 other Jesuit Priests/Monks could decipher to prevent the Pope from having Aquinas burned at the stake for heresy because if Mankind achieved God’s Plan for Mankind and Mankind’s Goal of Happiness, no one would need to go to Church and put 10% of their honest income or income they stole in offering baskets.

For Example, when Aquinas was writing about how to solve a problem, he would write… As Plato or Aristotle of Greece or Cicero or Caesar of Italy said in a book titled “. .” If I could remember the titles of books those Legal Philosophers wrote I would say those titles. Fact is, I had to read those ancient books in order to understand Aquinas’ Theory of Law.”

9. What do you need in your writing space to help you stay focus ed?

Nothing! Whether I was researching and writing Criminal Justice Standards and Goals or Cross Examinations of Plaintiff and their Medical Experts, Opening Statements and Closing Arguments for Trials, once I sat down to work, nothing distracted my focus. As in Sports, losing was nauseatingly painful and winning was not a happy go lucky experience. I was a merely relieved that I didn’t lose or fail to write a knowledgeable or logical article or my book.

10. How do you celebrate when you finish your book?

As indicated in the answer to 9. above I don’t Celebrate. Ha ha the only reason I returned to the Office after I won trials was for free Food from a 5 Star Restaurant and a Grand Marnier with a Rum and Coke Chaser. My wife loved a Winner and helped me Celebrate. Need I say more? Unfortunately, she died young several years ago.

If republication of the book next Spring is a Best Seller that wins a Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Pease Prize, will celebrate by finding another Soul Mate to dance with and Tour the U.S. again Playing Golf, water ski and swim in warm weather and Downhill Snow Skiing, Ice-Skate Dancing and hot coco during cold weather as well as eating in fine restaurants and marveling at the incredible geography and Beauties of Mother Nature in the USA.

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