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Unveiling Strength: A Story of Mental Wellness

Welcome to an insightful journey into the depths of the human experience with Béatrice Walsh, author of “Finding the Point of Equilibrium: Schizo-Affective Disorder and Wellbeing, Living the Paradox.” In the forthcoming interview, we delve into the profound insights shared by Béatrice as she navigates the complexities of mental illness and the quest for healing. Through her candid exploration of childhood trauma, depression, and the pursuit of understanding, readers are invited to witness a transformative narrative that embraces love, hope, and spirituality. Stay tuned as we uncover Béatrice’s profound revelations and the pathways to resilience and growth woven throughout her compelling work.

1. What crucial guidance would you offer individuals affected by schizophrenia and their families?

Prioritize compassion and loving kindness over everything, for yourself first and for those around you.

Let go of anger and choose peace in every situation, as best as you can.

2. What led you to share about schizophrenia in your book, and why did you consider it a significant theme?

Initially, I wrote this book to try to order my thinking and find a path to healing.

I realise now that there are many people suffering from schizophrenia and, also, depression and anxiety (They are all linked). I wish to contribute to helping sufferers.

3. What obstacles did you encounter during the process of penning your memoir?

On the practical level: I am not a writer, and I didn’t know how to type! It took a lot of work to be able to put this book together.

On the psychological level: doubts about the value to others of these memoirs. Revisiting the childhood sex abuse was difficult.

4. Is there a likelihood that the symptoms of schizophrenia will cease, and if so, what factors contribute to this possibility?

Yes, it is possible to be free of symptoms.

The main factors are recognising what is really happening in our body, mind, and spirit.

Accepting that this is our reality at this time.

Seeking and accepting help, including medication if deemed necessary.

Physical exercises, patience, gentleness.

It takes time, gentleness and the support of others to be able to turn the table on this illness.

5. What specific insights or perspectives do you hope your readers will gain upon completing your book?

The insight that the sufferer can, himself /herself develop a bit of power over the illness. We can develop some agency over our thoughts, feelings and actions, with the help of God.

The insight that our existence matters as does everyone else’s. We all have a rightful place in the universe.

6. How do you manage and respond to negative reviews about the controversial aspects of ‘Finding the Point of Equilibrium: Schizo-Affective Disorder and Wellbeing, Living the Paradox’?

I take the reviews as they come. I am not seeking approval. I just stated my reality in the hope that others will benefit from my experience.

7. Beyond writing, what are your passions or pastimes that contribute to your overall wellbeing? 

I love being in nature, my husband and I are keen bushwalkers. I enjoy the beach too, gardening, reading and socializing!

8. Looking ahead, do you have plans for future projects or initiatives related to mental health advocacy or storytelling, and how do you envision your role in raising awareness on these important issues?

It’s still early days. At this stage my plan is to promote my book to make it more visible. I also have a website through which people can contact me. https://livingtheparadox.com/   

I don’t know yet what I will do in the future.

9. Can you share the pivotal moments that inspired you to write ‘Finding the Point of Equilibrium,’ and how has the process of writing this memoir impacted your own healing journey?

I heard an interview on the radio with a mental health professional. It talked about the confusion in mental illness and suggested that the act of putting in writing thoughts, feelings and what’s going on in your mind and life might be very helpful.

I decided to give it a go and, very, very slowly, it developed into some understanding about my mental condition, and, ultimately, into my writing a book.

The whole process has been cathartic, and I still reread some passages when I feel a bit ungrounded.

10. In your book, you discuss the transformative power of support networks. Could you elaborate on the importance of these networks in your life and how they continue to influence your wellbeing?

Without my family, friends, doctors and social contacts I would never have been able to recover fully and lead a happy and contented life.

All of us, human beings, need to receive and give true love, including compassion, support and kindness. Without it we wither away. I, as is everyone else’s, cannot live a good life alone.

Through her courageous journey chronicled in “Finding the Point of Equilibrium,” Béatrice exemplifies the triumph of turning adversity into opportunity, sadness into joy. We thank Béatrice for sharing her profound insights and inspiring us to embrace our own paths to healing and self-discovery.

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