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Robert J. Kowalski:Jaycee: A HEROINE’S JOURNEY| London Book Interview

Gender inequality is a deeply rooted issue that has been prevalent in all corners of the world since the beginning. People are being treated as second-class citizens based on nothing but the sex they were born with, and no one is even batting an eye. The author was able to deliver a thought-provoking yet light-hearted story through the life of Jaycee to tackle such issues. This book rightfully dealt with gender inequality inside the church on why women were given fewer opportunities and had no right to hold a mass at church services.

1. Do you think this book is going to be a challenge to Christianity?

Jaycee is designed to prompt a dialogue about gender equality in many organized religions.

2. How did you come up with the name “Jaycee” to represent a female Jesus?

Jaycee is a metaphor for the feminine derivative of the name Jesus. In the book, there are other references that are similar, for example – “Maggie” as a metaphor for Mary Magdalene.

3. With a theme this heavy, this book is undoubtedly going to draw a lot of attention. How do you handle negative reviews?

Fortunately, I have very few negative reviews. It’s a fictional tale that touches on many current issues that I believe are important to create a discussion about feminine influence (or lack of) in the church.

4. Why tells this story?

I feel it’s important to always question the status quo and ensure it’s still relevant to the world we are living in.

5. Jaycee represents a female Jesus and Grandpa Bear as Jaycee’s mentor. What does Grandpa Bear symbolize?

I have always had great respect for the Native American cultures and their fundamental beliefs. For example, living with and as part of the earth, not simply on it. Grandpa Bear represents a real native elder who taught me some of his culture’s sacred ways. So, in my tale he is one of Jaycee’s valued teachers as she braves her journey.

6. Can you tell us about Hembleciya?

It’s a Native term for a tradition more commonly called a “Vision Quest”. I did a self-designed one when I was very young.  I have lived the lessons that I learned during my vision quest to help guide my life for many decades. We all have a purpose and a path and doing your own vision quest can help you see what yours is I believe. In my opinion, it is well worth the time to read and explore more about Vision Quests.

7. You have mentioned that women are not given equal rights in church services. How prevalent is gender inequality in Christianity?

Simply put, I question why women are not allowed to be priests in many religions. I beg to ask the question why not have Women Cardinals or possibly even a Female Pope. I believe the Earth and all of us would be better off if that were an option.

8. What is your goal in writing this book?

I wrote a workbook that follows the storyline. My hope is that Jaycee could be used perhaps as a teaching tool. My vision is to nudge people towards having a dialogue about bridging the gaps in our many institutions as it relates to gender balance.

9. How do you define faith?

 It’s an individual concept that each one of us should define for ourselves.

10. With all the wars and pestilence happening right now around the globe, do you personally believe there is still hope in humanity?

Of course I do.  That is why I wrote Jaycee. Jesus said he will return to Earth someday. Then why is it a stretch to have the Jesus consciousness of love, nonjudgement and inclusion come back in the feminine form this go around? Hope is necessary for the survival of our souls and our planet. Find your hope and share it with others.

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