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Robert J. Kowalski: Busco: We are all just mutts after all!| London Book Interview

An exciting picture book for kids that’s less than 100 pages and filled with life lessons. Robert Kowalski is a Published Author. Minnesota Real Estate Licensed Broker, and his premiere novel, Jaycee: A Heroine’s Journey, has drawn attention worldwide.

1. What is the book about?

Busco tells the story of a shelter dog who gets lost in a storm, and his ensuing adventures. The story weaves a tale of being lost, scared and of not knowing where you fit.  The story continues with a wonderful outcome of being found, safe and loved.

2. What message do you hope to bring about to the readers of Busco?

The core message is that Humans can learn lessons from Dogs on to how to love unconditionally.

3. When did you become passionate about writing children’s books?

This is my debut children’s book. However, I have always been interested in wellness and the future of our planet, and what we leave to the next generations.

4. How long did it take you to write Busco?

The concept of Busco’s story is rooted in my life-long love for animals.  The story line was sparked by a chance meeting with a stray dog in the Bussaco Forest of Portugal. However, I wrote the book’s text in one day. It took me a few months after that to get it edited, illustrated and polished for publication.

5. Your book talks about miracles. Can you tell us one miracle in your life?

I have had many in my life. One memorable miracle I experienced while camping in the Boundary Waters in Canada. I was stuck in the undercurrent and was pulled over a powerful waterfall. Something or someone plucked me from its grasp as I was trapped under the force of the falls and could not reach the surface for air. Suddenly I felt like a wolf pup being picked up by the scruff of my neck and pulled out of danger.

6. How did you come up with the idea that “we’re all just mutts after all”?

It is a long-held belief I have that we all matter. No one is better or worse when we start out our Human journey than someone else.  Then, it is on us with the choices we make, or not, to add value, love and support to our planet and all living creatures. Another aspect of the statement “ We are all just mutts after all relates “  to the new reassurance of the science of genealogy. As anyone who has attempted to research their lineage finds out there are many nationalities and culturally influences that form who they are today.

7. Busco’s illustrations are very appealing. Who is your illustrator?

Her name is Larisa Ivankovic. She is from Serbia. She is a talented, brilliant illustrator, and she connected to my vision immediately. She captured the spirt of Busco perfectly!

8. Why write this book in prose, not rhymes – just like most children’s books?

I wanted the story to be a narrative and written in a way in which the message would crossed over into all age groups.

9. Busco is your debut children’s book. Do you consider writing another children’s book?

Yes, I have recently begun the process of writing another book continuing the adventures of Busco.

10. How soon would it be if you considered writing another children’s book?

Hopefully it will be out later this year 2023.

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