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Conquering Ego: The Return to the Extraordinary

In “Conquering Ego: The Return to the Extraordinary,” Darlene Cannon, a writer known for transcending conventional storytelling, weaves a spiritually charged narrative. The novel, concluding a trilogy that began with “Dollygal Peacock and the Serpent: The Gift” and continued with “The Awakening,” explores Dollygal’s transformative journey after the loss of her parents. Cannon delves into themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the extraordinary power within. “Conquering Ego: The Return to the Extraordinary” signifies the manifestation of the Awakening Gift and the transformative metamorphosis of the Ego, promising not just an ending but a new beginning. Readers are invited to contemplate their own paths of self-discovery, with the narrative’s tension heightened by the revelation of secrets. Darlene Cannon’s masterful storytelling encourages readers to question, reflect, and embrace the extraordinary power within themselves.

Now, come along with us for a special interview with Darlene, the genius behind the captivating book, “Conquering Ego: The Return to the Extraordinary.” Get ready to dive into Darlene’s magical, and spiritual world as she shares how she writes and explores the deep parts of ourselves through her stories.


1:.Can you share the inspiration behind the unconventional worlds you create in your storytelling, particularly in “Conquering Ego: The Return to the Extraordinary”?

 A: I have a spiritual background. I believe in conversations with the unknown. Stories/adventures are always ready to be told.

2: How do you strike a balance between real-life possibilities and imaginative storytelling, especially when exploring themes beyond conventional medicine, mobility, and access in your works?

A: One can choose to experience a powerful force of all creation and trust in its journey, and the fact that it has chosen you to bring it forth. It usually seems to think beyond the natural world and carnal mindset.

3. As a deeply spiritual individual, how does your spirituality influence the themes and messages embedded in your novels, especially in terms of self-discovery and resilience?

A: My spirituality is a very big part of my stories, and always relates a message of awareness of oneself that is not always focused on.

4. Can you share some of the obstacles you faced during the writing process and how you navigated them to bring this transformative story to life?

A: I like this question a lot because I had a few while writing this book. At one point, my job kept getting in the way. I am not a computer-savvy person and basically use ‘Word’ most of the time. Several times I lost my chapters because I did not save them to my laptop. Then my computer was misplaced, and I did not save chapters on a flash drive. Then the laptop blew out completely, and it took a while to get a new one. But I did use library resources. I lost my personal notes such as poems/songs, etc. I kept tackling every obstacle that came my way, and every time it happened, the story got more interesting. I finished and still felt that more to this story is emerging.

5: Dollygal undergoes a transformative journey in “Conquering Ego.” How has her character evolved since “Dollygal Peacock and the Serpent: The Gift,” and what inspired the progression?

A:  Since “Dollygal Peacock and the Serpent ‘The Gift’” her character has evolved by using her “Gift” for a higher purpose rather than her own ideas.

6. Your narrative delves into powerful themes of love and forgiveness. How do these elements contribute to the overall narrative, particularly in shaping characters and their relationships?

A: Love and forgiveness are the two elements we have the most problems with. Yet, they are the most important elements for spiritual transformation. These two are big parts of each book and its message. They are lived out in a non-perfect journey with characters assuming the parts of different elements. Such as humility- ego-charity-hope, etc.

7. Your novels promise journeys beyond the ordinary. What message or perspective do you hope readers take away from “Conquering Ego,” especially considering the initiation of a profound personal journey within its pages?

A: Allow themselves to experience the journey with the characters. The rest of the answers will come to each individual.

8. Looking ahead, what are your hopes or aspirations for the impact of your book and the ideas it presents on readers’ perspectives, particularly in terms of fostering self-discovery, and embracing the extraordinary power within?”

A: That we are more powerful than we thought ourselves to be.

9. How do you hope readers will connect with and reflect upon their own paths of self-discovery through characters like Dollygal?

A: By the characters in the book, I hope readers will realize we are already on the journey. Now it’s time for a higher understanding of the journey.

10. Beyond your writing endeavors, what other pursuits or activities do you engage in that contribute to your creative and spiritual exploration?

A: I write songs and poems. To me, everything is a creative endeavor, such as my favorite 80s and 90s music, classical music, my cats, old movies, museums, and operas. One of my favorite outings is going to a symphony. I enjoy sipping on a glass of champagne while listening to a trio downstairs before the symphony starts. I wrote a poem called “Like Water and a Symphony” (featured in the “Awakening” book) while listening to the music during a symphony.

Be the peace.be the love.


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