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One Percent Devils and Their Satanic Tools

Curtis Woods reveals that Republican Politicians, Preachers and Press are causing Moral, Legal and U.S. Constitutional Crises in Politics, Religion, News Media and Economics.

Republican politicians use Unconstitutional Gerrymandering of House of Representative and Electoral College Districts and State Tactics such as Election Poll watchers armed with AR-15 Assault Rifles and State Laws to Intimidate, prevent and eliminate Democrat Votes in order to eliminate and replace Democracy, Moral Capitalism and Rule of Law with a Male Caucasian New World Order that would be as immoral, evil and tyrannical as Nazi, Fascist and Communist World Orders. As George Orwell warned in “1984” & “Animal Farm.”

MAGA Republicans are Anti-Christ Traitors that Violate:

1. 15 Commandments of God, 10 Principles of Christ and “Theory of Law” by St. Thomas Aquinas about God’s Plan for Mankind and Mankind’s Goal of Happiness; and

2. All 6 Goals in Preamble of U.S. Constitution, 13 of its Enabling Clause Provisions to Achieve those Goals and 14 Freedoms and Rights in the Bill of Rights.

Immoral Means to Immoral Ends of Republicans are:

1. Orwellian Repetitive Lies so voters believe lies are truth and truth is a lie;

2. Repetitive Quanon Conspiracy Theory Cons blaming Democrats for all problems in U.S.A. when problems are Global and/or caused by Republicans;

3. Hitler-Nixon-Trump Type Machiavellian Divide and Conquer Wedge Issue Tactics:

a. To turn Caucasian Christians against every American who Republican’s believe are not “Real Americans” when the only Real Americans are Native American Indians; and

b. Blame everyone who is not a Caucasian Christian Republican for all problems in U.S. by stimulating Racial, Ethnic, Cultural, Religious and Gender bias, prejudice and hatred;

c. So, Democrats, Independents, Moderates and Old-Fashioned Conservative Republicans vote Republican and thus vote against their own Freedoms, Rights, Family, Economic and Social Interests; and

4. Those Immoral Means are”

a. Reported every hour on the hour for days by Republican Propaganda News Media: Fox News, radio, newspapers and internet forums; and

b. Some of those Means are repeated by Republican Evangelical and Roman Catholic preachers and Priests on Sunday.

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