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Global Political Leadership and the Public: An Essential Guide To Learn the Necessary Skills and Mindset

Global Political Leadership and the Public: An Essential Guide To Learn the Necessary Skills and Mindset may be one of the most significant books produced in the last couple of decades that addresses political leadership issues.

This book is a ground-breaking work that pushes out the countries’ frontiers of leadership understanding on the subject of global political leadership. It’s a compelling, coherent study with practical applications of the aspects of an ideal leader for everyone to learn.

For Salar Khan, democracy is dying and must be saved before the world collapse into war, and political turmoil. Most of his views about the world’s leaders are negative and he provides practical solutions as to what we should do. One of which is to establish a world organization “that will screen and certify global leaders so that only honest and sincere leaders can run for office.

This organization will provide continuous surveillance to maintain positive changes in the society.” The common goal of future world leaders should be to respect cultural and religious differences, love humankind, and strive to achieve economic growth for everyone to live their best possible life on earth.

This organization is what Salar Khan called Independent Global Leadership Organization or IGLO which is prevalent in his other book titled Shaping the Future Global Leadership: Finding a Peaceful Solution.

On top of that, Salar provides insights into the child’s development and how they grow and learn at different ages, and what parents or guardians could do to develop their talent and skills so that when the time comes, they can use them for the betterment of our world.

In this follow-up publication from his previous works starting from his first one entitled “Unlocking the Natural-Born Leader’s Abilities: An autobiographical exposé, and Shaping the Future Global Leadership: Finding a Peaceful Solution”, Salar Khan addresses himself to the larger subject of political leadership. His thinking and writing, as per usual, are marked by clarity and accessibility.

This is not a mere survey; Salar offers unique practical solutions and even psychological and philosophical insights that are well-argued and persuasive. Timely and profoundly relevant.

This book deserves a wide audience, particularly among aspiring global leaders.

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