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Letters Out of Time

Poetry is powerful because it’s free; free from the constructs and constraints of prose. It permits those wielding it to explore anything and go anywhere, without restriction. In this book, the writer uses poetry for manifold purposes from the beauty of life, history, politics, freedom, death, war, destiny, and more.

Anne Logue mostly uses free verse; each poem succeeds beautifully with the other and becomes an unforgettable page-turner. She made sense of using different elements of poetry such as alliteration, symbolism, dynamic imagery, hyperbole, metaphor, end rhymes, uniformity, active verbs, variations of tense, analogy, internal rhymes, and assonance while effectively imparting a heavily important message of humanity out into the world. Anne is hopeful trying to find purpose in this same old world that has seen enough of humanity’s atrocity.

The following lines beautifully bring alliteration into context.

“My lopsided love eyes
Awake to your fine free face
And see many many merry months,
Above about ahead
In many merry months
I see your fine face freely
And love looks lopsided eyes
Below beneath beyond …”

One will surely be bequeathed a wealth of new information about the overwhelming conflicts of the past that continued to haunt even today’s generation. Anne deserves a lot of credit for bringing the amazing poems (collection of ideas, and thoughts) that are pertinent to our existence to life that many can relate to. Moreover, the colored illustrations add beauty to each poem making them tangible to the readers.

These enlivening verses of simulation are poignant and stem from various enhanced settings. The distinctive quality of elegance and moving styles of poetry included are touching and uplifting. They stem from the unique styles of a passionate poet who meticulously observe the finite details of our past, present, and future and illustrate their innermost thoughts for your enjoyment in the Letters Out of Time.

Anne Hunter Logue combines her interest in the metaphysical in her work and conveys this interest and her observations in her books, “The Story of the Sun”, “I Once Had a Tiger” and now “Letters Out of Time”. She has been recognized by the Pacific Book Review for her insights as well as by other literary Critics.

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Author: Anne Hunter Logue

Page Count: 83

Reviewer: Daisy Thomas

Review Posted Online: February 9, 2023


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