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The Three Souls

The element of fiction of The Three Souls by Bill Thomas that I found captivating are the unpredictable twists and turns, unknown dangers, the amount of history and fantasy combined, intriguing concepts, and well-drawn characters. When you think you have reached the end, Bill introduces unexpected and surprising plot twists that excited me page after page.

Bill Thomas is a multi-talented artist from Austin, Texas. He studied music and business at North Texas State University and released two CDs named Bill James. His self-published novella, “The Three Souls,” received recognition as a finalist for the Book Excellence Award in Fantasy. Bill is also an accomplished screenwriter working on a new story. In addition, he has a children’s book, “Fiddlestick Floyd in Fiddleland,” addressing anger management in kids, set to be published in May 2021 by Dorrance Publishing.

“The Three Souls” by Bill Thomas is a novel that explores reincarnation and artistic genius. It follows Johnny Chambers, a truck driver falsely convicted and imprisoned in Texas in 1960. In prison, Johnny meets inmates who he believes are the reincarnated souls of Mozart and van Gogh, showcasing remarkable talents. Johnny discovers his own gift for writing, attributed to his past life as Ernest Hemingway. Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and redemption, aiming to escape confinement. Heads up, a significant historical assassination took place, and they believed they possessed the key to uncovering the true culprit behind the murder.

The accidents, coincidences, deaths, and confrontations all contributed to the plot’s twists and turns which made this book a remarkable one to read.

With a captivating plot twist and well-rounded characters, this book is incredibly engaging and hard to put down. It’s no surprise that it comes highly recommended by many.

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Author: Bill Thomas

Page Count: 191

Reviewer: Daisy Thomas

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