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A Bitter Wind

A fascinating story with interesting characters set in a unique world!

Anita Merrick is a Mystical Author and a 3rd generation psychic. She lives in Erin, NY with her husband and three dogs. She also works as Crystal Wind, a Psychic Intuitive, Tarot Reader, Medium, and ordained priestess. She has a Tarot Master certification and a background in belly dancing and horse training. Her first novel, A Bitter Wind, is inspired by her love of Egypt and her trips there. She explored the paranormal, supernatural, metaphysical, and mystical aspects of ancient culture. The spirits of the past spoke to her and their stories became this book.

“A Bitter Wind” is the first book in the Time Entanglement series, fusing fantasy, history, and metaphysics. Alexander ‘Ramses’ Smith, an archaeologist and psychic, journeys to Egypt to study mysterious hieroglyphs at the Temple of Khnum. He uncovers supernatural events, past-life connections, and a haunting time loop that threatens his destiny. With intuitive gifts and magic, he must unravel temple secrets and escape dark forces. This adventure blends mystery, romance, and spirituality, exploring time travel, reincarnation, karma, destiny, and the power of the mind, drawing from the author’s own psychic experiences and love for Egypt.

This gripping novel fearlessly explores the thrilling highs and unsettling lows, delving into the hidden depths of all reader’s hearts and minds. No shadow remains unexamined as both the good and the bad are vividly portrayed. The narrative masterfully weaves the tales of minor characters into the plot, enriching the story and imparting valuable truths to the readers. It’s a magnificent tale that not only entertains but also enlightens with its profound lessons.

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Author: Anita Merrick

Page Count: 368

Reviewer: Mary McKenzie

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