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Journey to Consciousness: Affirmations of Healing 

“Because God has given us a spirit of love and not one of fear, we can choose to either fear everything and run or face everything and rise. Let love lead” –  Healing.

“Journey to Consciousness: Affirmations of Healing” is a captivating collection of poetry and affirmations penned by the talented author, Healing. This profound book is crafted to ignite a transformative experience in readers, inviting them to elevate their minds, open their hearts, and nourish their souls, reaching unprecedented levels of consciousness. Within its pages, Healing explores an array of themes encompassing life, love, spirituality, and consciousness, all woven together through eloquent poetic language and vivid imagery.

Inside this influential guide you will discover:

  • Insightful reflections on Love/Relationships, Transition, Emotions, and Spirituality/Consciousness, skillfully written in prose. Each topic culminates with a powerful affirmation, empowering the reader’s journey.
  • “MOM: The Awakening,” predominantly comprises free-verse poems, artfully woven to stir and awaken the reader’s consciousness.

The author delves into the profound reservoirs of collective wisdom, establishing a deep and meaningful bond with the readers. The inclusion of empowering affirmations further enriches the book, offering readers a pathway to healing and growth amidst life’s trials and opportunities. “Journey to Consciousness: Affirmations of Healing” serves as a profound reflection of the author’s own journey to enlightenment, a testament to his innate wisdom, and a compelling desire to share inspiration with the world with God as his anchor.

Highly spiritual and practical, this book is a must for Christians.

Purchase the Book Today on Amazon.

Author: Healing

Page Count: 163

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewer: Mary McKenzie

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