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Dollygal Peacock and the Serpent

“Dollygal Peacock and the Serpent: Conquering Ego … The Return to the Extraordinary” by Darlene Cannon. This book is universal and attracts readers of all ages. Children and adults are somehow drawn into the oneness of the message it offers. This imaginative tale delves into the profound theme of love as an influential and creative force.

Meet Darlene Cannon, an emerging writer who shatters limitations and believes in the boundless potential of love. Inspired by visionary storytellers, she challenges the mundane through her works. Explore her world at and Darlene Cannon’s writing ignites imagination and celebrates the extraordinary.

Join Dollygal, a young adventurer, as she uncovers a unique connection with a highly creative intelligent force—brimming with positivity, goodness, and love. Alongside her brother Serpent and their friends, they embark on a journey to embrace their potential, facing the challenges of their little town, LovelyVillle, and the Great Garden  which are overshadowed by darkness and fear.

This book seamlessly weaves biblical wisdom, spiritual insights, and imaginative storytelling, captivating young hearts with its engaging prose. Illustrated by the author, the vibrant visuals amplify the richness of the tale. A celebration of love, faith, and creativity, it beckons readers to discover their inner light and strength.

The conversations and dialogues, even with a touch of arguments, are endearingly delightful. The author maintains a sense of wholesomeness throughout the entire read, creating a wonderful experience for readers, particularly the younger ones. I’m confident that they will truly enjoy the story once they begin reading.

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Author: Darlene Cannon

Page Count: 110

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewer: Mary McKenzie

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