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Why Men are Suspicious of Yoga: And Other Very, Very Funny Stories

In the whimsical world of Robert “robear” Isenberg’s latest book, “Why Men Are Suspicious of Yoga,” laughter reigns supreme. Delving into the absurdities of life with a blend of humor and poignancy, Isenberg crafts a collection that is as entertaining as it is thought provoking.

Robert “robear” Isenberg, known for his knack for storytelling and wit, brings his unique perspective to the forefront in this revised edition of his book. With a colorful past including endeavors in sales, marketing, and boot design, Isenberg’s life experiences serve as a wellspring of inspiration for his writing.

In “Why Men Are Suspicious of Yoga,” Isenberg takes readers on a journey through the mundane and the extraordinary, exploring themes of resilience, absurdity, and the human condition. Through a series of humorous anecdotes and heartfelt narratives, he offers a refreshing take on life’s trials and tribulations.

The book is organized into seven sections, each offering a delightful mix of funny stories, essays, and reflections on everyday life. With the addition of seven new essays, labeled as “Not So Funny” stories like “Against All Odds”, “The Car Ride”, “Paul’s Special Birthday”, “Learning How to Just Watch” and among others, Isenberg further enriches the reader’s experience, providing fresh insights and perspectives on a range of topics while maintaining a focus on the subjectiveness of “humor”.

For readers in search of a good laugh and a touch of wisdom, “Why Men Are Suspicious of Yoga” is a must-read. Whether you’re lounging in the suburbs or navigating the complexities of urban life, Isenberg’s charming stories are sure to leave you entertained and enlightened.

So, grab a copy, settle in, and prepare to embark on a delightful journey through the quirky world of “robear”.

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Author: Robert Isenberg

Page Count: 258

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Reviewer: Mary Owens

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