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Spoken: Meditation: From the Heart

Causten E Meaux Sr is an accomplished author who leverages his life experiences and abundant wisdom to empower people worldwide to lead fulfilling and healthy lives through his insightful and accessible book, “SPOKEN: Meditation from the Heart.”

Causten Meaux Sr. eloquently conveys a profound message of humility, self-awareness, and spiritual connection. He invites readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner growth through the pages of his books. Meaux Sr. reflects on the idea that if he could capture and analyze every moment of his life, he could potentially avoid setbacks and live a seemingly perfect existence. However, he beautifully acknowledges the ever-changing nature of life, emphasizing that it cannot be controlled or programmed.

The author’s words resonate with the universal truth that we are not entirely in control of our destinies, and our lives are guided by a divine design.  He expresses his deep faith and reliance on a higher power, suggesting that it is through this connection that he finds strength, healing, and purpose. He emphasizes the uniqueness of each individual’s journey, suggesting that our Creator designed us perfectly for our own paths.

In “SPOKEN: Meditation from the Heart,” the majority of the poems are concise and contemplative reflections on life, the development of one’s moral and spiritual devotion to Jesus Christ, and they predominantly adopt free verse while employing rich usage of Figures of Speech and other distinctive styles; Causten Meaux Sr. crafts a poignant and transformative writing style that explores the reader’s emotions, encouraging inner growth and a deeper spiritual connection, with the final piece, “Challenged,” standing out as the collection’s particularly powerful and emotionally charged climax. Buckle up for a compelling journey.

At about one hundred and nine pages, this collection of poetry, mostly can easily be read in an afternoon. But it’s worth at least a whole day. In fact, if the mere notion of “poetry” makes you want to jump up and run screaming from the room, give “Spoken: Meditation: From the Heart” a chance.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the profound impact of his writings—get your copies today and let the transformation begin.

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Author: Causten Meaux Sr 

Page Count: 110

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reviewer: Jacob Miller

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