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Those Voices The Demons in Mom’s Mind

 “Schizophrenia is different from most mental illnesses in this way. Consider that all other illnesses are like tearing a piece of paper into bits and pieces and throwing it down on the ground. Now take the pieces and glue/tape them back together. You can make the paper whole again. Now imagine taking a glass jar, going to the top of a building, and dropping it. Come down from the building and gather the pieces. You will never recover every piece. That’s how people are who have schizophrenia. They take medicine like every other person with a mental disturbance but still exhibit some symptoms. They never fully recover” (Harmon, 2018).

With a master’s degree in education, Tina Harmon is currently employed by a local school district. She dedicates her time and expertise to supporting special needs and mentally challenged students to access education alongside their peers in general education. Tina has been happily married for thirty-three years, and she is a proud mother of two children and grandmother of six grandchildren.

Tina Harmon, in her book Those Voices, engagingly narrates her childhood experience of the ebbs and flows of having to live with someone who has a unique mental disorder. The horror, the excitement, and the thrill were beautifully brought out that would have you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Easy to understand, engaging style of writing characterizes all the less than 50 pages of the book. Though the book is explicitly non-fiction, the chosen topic and the new angle of approach may interest all kinds of readers.

Overall, I’d recommend the book to general readers, and especially to people who have experienced this kind of trauma in their lives.

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Author: Tina Harmon

Page Count: 19

Reviewer: Daisy Thomas

Review Posted Online: June 8, 2023

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