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Winning the Battle Before You

There exists a battle looming before the promises, demanding our resolve to engage in warfare and reclaim what has been assured to us.

Dr. Obi O. Edward, the author of “Winning the Battle Before You,” is a prominent figure in spiritual leadership and guidance. A former missionary pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Greensboro, and a pioneer pastor of New Covenant Anglican Church Philadelphia, Dr. Edward has dedicated his life to spreading the message of faith and empowerment. His work extends beyond the pulpit, as he is also the founder of the Cares for Life International Gospel Foundation Inc., committed to providing spiritual support and guidance to individuals in need.

In a world filled with spiritual battles and challenges, “Winning the Battle Before You” offers a beacon of hope and guidance for those seeking victory in their lives. Dr. Obi O. Edward’s insights into spiritual warfare and the power of prayer provide a roadmap for overcoming obstacles and reclaiming the promises of God.

“Winning the Battle Before You” is a spiritual manual designed to equip readers with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate life’s challenges. Dr. Edward addresses a wide range of issues, from health and family matters to spiritual attacks and limitations. Through the lens of faith and scripture, he empowers readers to develop a fighting spirit and stand firm against the forces of darkness. The book serves as a call to action for individuals to reclaim their authority as soldiers of Christ and emerge victorious in their battles.

I urge readers to delve into the transformative wisdom imparted by Dr. Obi O. Edward. Whether you are facing health challenges, family issues, or spiritual attacks, this book offers a powerful roadmap for victory. I encourage you to support Dr. Edward’s mission by contacting the Cares for Life International Gospel Foundation Inc. and consider contributing to their efforts to spread the message of faith and empowerment. Let us stand together in the fight for spiritual victory and reclaim the promises of God in our lives. Purchase this book today!

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Author: Dr. Obi O. Edward

Page Count: 186

Rating: 4.8 Stars

Reviewer: Jacob Miller

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