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Busco: We are all just mutts after all!

This story teaches the importance of loving oneself and resiliency with a message that we’re all just mutts after all.

Busco is a mixed-colored mutt, typically a dog that is not purebred which connotes a negative meaning. A storm passed and he got lost, leaving him fragile and wandering the countryside. He began to pity himself and worried that nobody would like him because he believed that he is the only one of his kind. While wandering, he comes across a dog park. He carefully observes other dogs in the park every day as they play. Surprisingly one day, a miracle happens.

As your family reads Busco, you’ll learn the importance of loving oneself and resiliency. You will see that miracles are real. While it is a short book, one must keep in mind that the author has taken a lot of effort to frame sentences, sprinkling life lessons. The message behind the story is one that every child should learn.

Aside from the wonderful plot, the cartoonish illustrations will surely be loved by kids and the author uses simple language which can be easily understood. What could be more educational than empowering your child with the importance of love and courage? I’m sure even adults would love this book, too.

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Author:  Robert J Kowalski

Page Count: 52

Reviewer: Daisy Thomas

Review Posted Online: February 21, 2023

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