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Live a Healthy, Happy, Long Life and Prosper Without Stress: The Life Transformation Paradigm: Seven Lifestyle Shifts to Live the Life You are Designed to Live

Broad-ranging with practical, down-to-earth insights that bring a powerful message that is more relevant than ever before. You will always look at success differently after reading this book.  It is a tense, tautly written, descriptive, electrifying, and formidable book that is unique. I read this work like someone thirsting for water after days in the desert sun—voraciously ingesting the pages as quickly as possible to reach the stunning and transformational discovery. I cannot recommend Jose Baltazar’s expertly written publication highly enough to all people who need transformation to achieve a successful life free of stress. It’s a compelling, page-turning, exceptional book that will leave you motivated, happy, confident, and hopeful.

Living a Healthy, Happy, Long Life and Prosper without Stress is a book that introduces readers to this magnificent transformation dubbed by Dr. Jose Baltazar as the Life Transformation Paradigm. It has seven shifts to help you live a more fulfilling and abundant life. This book is a great resource, given the author’s personal experiences with his clients on their progress journey. Readers will be empowered and inspired by the results of his studies and hundreds of documented success stories.

According to the author, anyone can live stress-free while being highly productive, healthy, and successful in their own lives. This is not a mere survey; Dr. Jose Baltazar offers a transformational Paradigm that is well-researched and persuasive. Timely and profoundly relevant. This book deserves a broad audience.

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Author: Jose Baltazar

Page Count:  178

Reviewer: Daisy Thomas

Review Posted Online: March 8, 2023

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