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A More Perfect Union

A More Perfect Union becomes a page-turner that is both heart-thumping and engrossing as it looks into the context of terrorism and when a person is pushed to their limits. With eloquent prose that brings to life realistic and hard-to-put-down characters and plots, this book is definitely something that you would want to take your time reading to savor all the heart-stopping action, romance, and drama.

Gabriele Barnes agreed to risk her life and go undercover as a confidential informant after losing her husband to a tragic death because of terrorism. She needs to trust her combat skills, and instincts and be cautious with trusting people as she comes to realize that not everyone is who or what they appear to be in this high-stakes tale of international intrigue. Jerry Tompkins becomes her partner in the mission. They will find themselves facing off against a criminal organization known as DEFCON One and other untold dangers.

Perhaps the fact that it covers many societal issues, there’s nothing to dislike about Paul Shemella’s A More Perfect Union. The theme of domestic terrorism is unfortunately still relevant today. This book highlights the importance of law enforcement and intelligence agencies working together to prevent such attacks and bring the perpetrators to justice. The well-balanced elements of the novel are nicely furnished.

Overall, the author delivers some of the best action-packed scenes that I have ever read, and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

You could really tell that this book was written with skills and passion and I’m sure it will pay off very well.

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Author:  Paul Shemella

Page Count: 308

Reviewer: Daisy Thomas

Review Posted Online: March 15, 2023

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