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The Warehouse: Living in God’s Will and His Blessings

The people on Earth have become self-reliant and have stopped asking God for His gifts and blessings. All the fairies in heaven have come together to help restore humanity. God was very pleased with them, thus the journey of building The Warehouse began.

In The Warehouse, we are shown that everyone has received something from God. There is an abundance of blessings in God’s Warehouse, and He calls us to seek Him and discover the gift that He entrusted to us. This truth is chronicled throughout the four generations of a family from the 1860s to the 1950s. There are ebbs and flows through the lives of these characters in the small town of Gracetown, but everyone has received each heart’s desire. Katie, for example, has received the gift of wisdom and understanding which she freely used to help children learn of God.

Charged with youthfulness and spirituality, The Warehouse is a captivating historical Christian novel that showcases the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of having faith and hopes in the face of adversity. You will also be blessed by the wonderful bible verses accurately chosen to backdrop the book’s theme.

The story of these young adults, kids, and elderlies who have come together to work together to achieve a common goal amidst the trials and adversities will leave you feeling satiated with spiritual truth. This comes with beautiful storytelling and vivid description of the elements of the plot, setting, and characters.  Thus, the author’s unique way of telling God’s love for man will surely resonate with young people and kids who are looking for direction and guidance in life. 

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Author:  Joyce Crawford

Page Count: 387

Reviewer: Daisy Thomas

Review Posted Online: April 4, 2023

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