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You Keep Thinking It

The beauty found in the story comes from the piece of the author’s soul that they pour out into their work to bring it to life. There are numerous profound life lessons to be learned in every book and every story a reader comes upon. You Keep Thinking It is no different. Michael W. Dymond is an up-and-coming Canadian author who writes books about life and all its ups and downs. He was born in Chatham, Ontario and grew up in a small house on Dover Street with his sister and mother.

“You Keep Thinking It: Jake, Donny, and Dibs” by Michael W. Dymond is a compelling coming-of-age tale set in the quaint Canadian town of Chatham during the year 1963. The story revolves around the life of fourteen-year-old Jake Barnes, as he navigates through a summer of personal growth and transformations that encompass friendship, family, romance, and school.

Within the pages of this nostalgic book, readers are transported back to a simpler era, when technology had not yet invaded every aspect of life. Instead, young individuals like Jake discovered imaginative ways to entertain themselves. As Jake embraces the challenges of adolescence, he grapples with a range of dilemmas and triumphs, each contributing to his journey of self-discovery.

Both inner and outer conflicts intertwine as Jake battles with his own doubts, fears, and insecurities while simultaneously facing the obstacles and pressures posed by the world around him. The narrative skillfully weaves together the themes of growth, resilience, and the universal quest for belonging, making it a captivating and relatable read for audiences of all ages.

Although the plot of “You Keep Thinking It” may seem simple, the enjoyment it delivers is truly extraordinary. Even if you can’t directly identify with the specific challenges addressed, Michael’s writing exudes a sense of realism that draws you into a deep contemplation of your own thoughts and emotions. The book’s ability to trigger introspection is a testament to its captivating power and makes it a rewarding read for all. Secure this book today.

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Author: Michael Dymond

Page Count: 646

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reviewer: Mary McKenzie

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